A well-known Russian artist sold his work in NFT

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2 min readMar 12, 2021

The NFT market is booming today. Thousands of users join it every week. And bids are reaching incredible values — for example, at a recent Christie’s auction, Justin Sun tried to break the $60.25M mark.

Similarly, Russian illustrator and calligrapher Pokras Lampas recently auctioned off his work in a new format. The starting price was 1 ETH. The bidding was brisk, with users achieving 13 ETH in a couple of hours. Participants in the auction included the company To the moon and artist Nikita Replyanski, collector and entrepreneur Artem Yeremin.

The most recent bid was for 16 ETH, or $28,732.64 at today’s exchange rate, bought by an anonymous bidder.

How is digital art developing today? There is a high demand in the market for the work of digital art artists. One of the communities promoting the new format in the market is DM Club, which is led by Olga Dvoretskaya. This community for experimenting and discussing digital art collaboration emerged in 2020.

The first sale was a work by Stas Sumarokov, a digital artist from Veliky Novgorod. The event took place at the Rarible venue as part of a charity evening in honour of Children’s Day. Later, the project organised an event called Disartive, Russia’s first fair of different types of digital art.

Most of the early birds-participants came to DM Club from the CryptoShark project, where people were selling art already in 2017. Other enthusiasts have joined them in the new project. Today among DM Club members you can meet:

Gleb Kostarev, the head of BINANCE in Russia

Nikita Vassev, founder of TerraCrypto

Leonid Morozovsky, entrepreneur

Denis Smirnov, cryptocurrency expert

Olga Kamenskaya, collector

And also digital artists Petr Boroda, Nikita Replyanski and many other Russian businessmen.

Thanks to them, NFT is developing in Russia as well as around the world, artists have more opportunities to create, and investors and collectors have new avenues for developing their own capitals.



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