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4 min readMay 10, 2021

How do you get almost a million views on TikTok and get on TV with a client project?

The Six Touches Agency team spent 24 hours on the phone – we responded to messages, comments, queries and emails from the media and new robot dog fans from UNI3. This company is our client, and thanks to Six Touches Agency’s work, brand awareness has increased manifold, with TikTok video views of robot dogs exceeding 900,000. Here’s how we got that result.

Initially, a social media strategy was formed: the robot dogs models A1 and AlienGo were given names – Belka and Strelka, after the famous Soviet cosmonaut dogs. The entire narrative was conducted on their behalf: they became full-fledged characters who interacted with subscribers in comments, answered questions about themselves, and talked about their life and work in Russia.

The project’s target audience was diverse: both children were interested in the robot dogs – for them it was an unusual pet option – and scientists and engineering students – for them Belka and Strelka could help in their work. By engaging in SMM and PR for the project we tried to focus on content that would appeal to the majority of subscribers – videos with robot dog tricks and demonstrations of their capabilities. We also tried to give people the opportunity to see them in person, with their own eyes: we arranged meetings with students at educational institutions and several times held a demonstration of robot dogs in the «DEPO» food mall in Moscow.

It was the ‘live’ content that was the starting point for the social media ‘boom’. We developed a specific and unconventional appearance of Belka and Strelka on the streets of St. Petersburg and shot a video of robot dogs following their owner. Important: although we tried to replicate the amateur style of filming, it was important not to show a human controlling the dogs with joysticks in the frame.

Once we got the video, we uploaded it to TikTok and other social networks of Belka and Strelka, and then we sent requests for cooperation with major social networking publishers with entertainment content and instagram accounts. Viral marketing was one of the most important ways to promote the project. We first started working with communities in St. Petersburg, and then switched to Russian-language accounts that were not tied to a location.

At this point, the expected effect was triggered: «Wow, this is something new and cool». The views and coverage numbers crept up. Walking around St. Petersburg started going viral: «Mash» wrote about us, and the video was shown on popular TV channels like «Rossiya 24», «REN TV», and the «78» TV channel. According to preliminary estimates, 26 different media outlets wrote about us for free. The total PR value of the project was 1,000,000 roubles — the figure is not including the cost of placement on federal TV channels.

After seeing Belka and Shooter in the news, people found their social media accounts. In three days, the coverage in the accounts reached the following figures:

Instagram (viral views): 170,000+

TikTok views: 900,000+

Telegram reach: 320 000+

VKontakte reaches: 650 000+

Youtube views: 10 000+

Through this we have achieved several goals: increased brand awareness, which is especially important as the client was important in warding off competitors, widened the interested audience, and increased the number of potential customers interested in buying robot dogs. Thanks to this effect, we are now in talks with major bloggers talking about innovations in the world of technology — so Belka and Strelka can become co-hosts or guest guests of the issue.

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