How to hit all the news about SPIEF and make PR Value for 8 million rubles

A fresh case from SixTouches Agency.

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum took place at the beginning of the summer. But until now, the news about this business event show more often robot dogs than notes about completed transactions and submitted economic reports.

At the beginning of SPIEF 2021, the Unitree Robotics dogs Belka and Strelka with branded stickers of the event and its partners, as well as the 3Logic team, greeted guests on the red carpet, surprising them with tricks and dances. The next day, one of the robots was walking around the the exhibition area — it was like a picture from the future in which robot dogs coexist with people quietly.

This was in stark contrast to the formal St. Petersburg International Economic Forum environment. Moreover, to many people robots still seem to be something distant and unusual. Die to this, they arouse the great interest. And communication with Belka and Strelka was also easy — people could touch them, look at them while standing near, and make a photo with them for social networks. The more time is spent with them, the more they seem to be “unusual puppies” and pets, not robots with incredible capabilities.

Robot dogs attracted a lot of attention from guests and mass media — they were called “a Forum novelty”. People began to upload photos and videos under different headings: “Robodogs stood guard at SPIEF-21”, “Unusual “animal” noticed at SPIEF”, “Robodog, crab Yuri and Sobchak “on the shoulder blades”, “In St. Petersburg the robodog chased dachshunds on Strelka”, “Dachshunds barked at their mechanical relative”…

Belka and Strelka became the most mentioned SPIEF 2021 event in the Russian media, social networks and telegram channels. On the Forum first day, robot dogs were included in the Ren-TV, NTV, Dozhd and Channel Five reports, in the largest St. Petersburg publics and the Lepra Telegram channel. The meeting of Belka and Strelka with journalist Ksenia Sobchak scored more than 120,000 views on TikTok in 2 days.

The total coverage of the 3Logic team was more than 2 million for 3 weeks. At the same time, our team did not pay for the reports placement, and, according to preliminary estimates, the PR Value is more than 8 million rubles. This case is the result of entire team work specializing in promoting technology companies. For some time, we have been shaping the image of robot dogs on the project’s social networks, and also timely doing our work on the site during SPIEF 2021. One manager controlled the dogs with a joystick, the second one answered questions in social networks, and the third one shot the video with people’s reactions and everything that Belka and Strelka did.

Through this boom, we have increased brand awareness and deeper detachment from competitors according to SixTouches Agency’s Uni3 promotion strategy. We have expanded the brand’s audience, including the target audience, increased the number of potential customers, and we look forward to new sales of robot dogs in the near future.



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