Promotion of crypto projects: why community matters

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3 min readFeb 10, 2021

Everyone has heard about cryptocurrency by now: bitcoin, ether, and DeFi have been in the headlines every week for the past two months. But the news usually talks about the rise or fall of coins, while rarely explaining what bitcoin is for, how to buy it, how to deal with blockchain, and why such innovations are needed at all, when there is a traditional banking system that has existed for more than a year.

These questions are the first thing a user goes to Google with when he sees another article about the historical record of bitcoin exchange rates. Search queries produce more than a million results, but even in the first five links there is no simple explanation. The information on the second page is even more confusing.

But if the user journey were simpler, crypto projects would become more popular, as well as the field itself in general. The ideal picture of the world for a newcomer who decides to learn about blockchain, bitcoin buying and decentralized finance looks like this: he decides to understand what cryptocurrency is and first learns about digital money, then that blockchain serves as a “onboard log” and stores the history about all transactions, and then — a historical reference, introductory information about altcoins and much later — an offer to buy cryptocurrency.

But in reality, a person who knows nothing gets into a community of people who know all about CEX and DEX exchanges and crypto signatures. Whether this community is friendly or not is crucial for both the person and the site he is visiting.

At the start of a project in the cryptocurrency industry, the creators want to share all the information. But, in fact, such an “avalanche” is more likely to scare people away. The human factor should come into play here: texts or videos about the project and cryptocurrency should be written in simple, human language. Even if some incredibly important and clever detail is missed in the beginning, the authors are better to reveal it in the next post — so it will be better assimilated.

But one of the user’s first reactions is to talk to a human. Few people want to talk to a bot — it’s different if a human explains. Even if the information from the bot and the human is the same. Thanks to this, a profession of community manager has appeared on the market, answering users’ frequently asked questions. He becomes a friend, helping to cope with difficulties, and sometimes he sends memes to the chat.

There are many variants of such communication today: comments in Telegram channels, private messages in Instagram and Twitter. Authors of the project can not always respond on their own, the community will do it for them. One of the subscribed users will see the question and answer it himself, thereby helping the person to get information, and at the same time — to feed other users the crypto project itself.

The more often this happens, the more popular the project will become. After one “brand ambassador”, other like-minded people will follow — those to whom he helped to understand something, or those who left from less friendly communities. Thanks to this will grow an audience, the project will rise in search results, and probably will arouse sympathy not only among the first users but also among the mass audience.

That’s why attracting like-minded people to crypto projects is an important direction of our agency SixTouchesAgency. Community management as a tool is a long game. Quality work with the audience will not only help to create an organic base of subscribers, but also improve the functionality of the project itself. Users will tell you what is important for them at this stage of work, and what can wait for a more favorable time. This will not only produce quality human capital, but also save time and resources on ineffective advertising or buying bots as subscribers.



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